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Sybase Unveiled Faster and Highly Optimized Server Sybase IQ 15

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0000sec3Sybase Inc, provider of Enterprise software, recently rolled Sybase IQ 15, column based analytic Server. The software offers accurate analysis and reporting for critical business need. As per Ted Rooney, Senior Engineer of Secure Computing, the new features of Sybase IQ 15, including faster load times and multiple writer node improves the ability to make business decisions for big corporates. Sybase IQ 15 is supposed to be released on Mar 31.

The business benefits of the new software are:

  • The computer power and storage capacity is scalable as the complexity of business decision increases.
  • Offers parallel query processing capability and improves query algorithms for faster performance.
  • Improved large data loads, direct loads from client, and flexible multi-node loading capability to add speed to data loading when needed; high availability and disaster recovery capability ensure continuous availability of the analytics environment.
  • Includes improved security feature including FIPS certified encryption algorithms; Kerberos based authentication, user-settable passwords, and support for IPV6.
  • Economizes TCO in management of Very Large Databases by adding new features, such as range partitioning and configurable tablespaces.
  • Enhances resource management with the help of  usability and manageability tools that helps deployment, automation, and monitoring capabilities.
  • Offers Grid Administration.

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