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Review of Webload, an Open Source Load Test Tool

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WebLOAD 8.3 is an open source tool for load test, stress test and performance test that is sponsored by RadView and is released under GNU Public License. It can perform loadtest on any Internet application that uses Web 2.0 & AJAX applications.

ToolThe tool has three components; the webload console, the webload load generator and the performance measurement manager. The WebLOAD Console is used to define the load test scenario, execute it and view the results. Load statistics are displayed by the Console in real time. The Performance Measurements Manager (PMM) is a component that provides performance metrics for various server-side components in real-time when the test is running.

The WebLOAD Load Generator can simulate hundreds of virtual users at the same time that it is executing test scripts. The Load Generator provides support for HTTP/HTTPS protocols.

The key features include:

1.WebLOAD supports Web 2.0 technologies such as Web Services, SOA and Ajax.

2.Supports protocols like HTTP/S, WAP, SOAP and Ajax to, RTSP/RTP, FTP, SMTP and raw TCP/IP

3.While load-testing any application, some failures result in data corruption. WebLOAD enables identification and verification of various types of failure both automatically and manually. The verification process is more stringent than any other Load Test tools.

4.The tools provide pre-defined library of reports for performance analysis.

5.WebLOAD generates unlimited load that can be generated on Windows and Linux machine.

6.WebLOAD enables execution of external components that are written in Java and COM from its test scripts. This allows WebLOAD to load-test individual components, extend WebLOAD’s capabilities to additional protocols and manipulate and integrate test data.

7.WebLOAD has a short learning curve because it uses Javascript that most of the people know.

Anybody who is interested to do a performance test should evaluate WebLOAD. The active development team and the existing features make it a choice under consideration for Stress Test.

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