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Microsoft Cloud Platform, Azure can be Hosted on Future version of Windows Server

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The future version of Windows server will support Microsoft Cloud based Service Platform, Azure. Azure runs on Windows Server 2008 inside Microsofts data centers. Azure, like other newer-generation cloud platforms, enables faster setup and easier scaling, and lets users pay for usage, thus avoiding upfront investment. Microsoft offers both Windows Server software and the Azure as software as a service strategy because of the fact that companies are unsure about the performance on cloud infrastructure. Azure is supposed to be released later this year.

azureAzure is the major stepping stone for Micosoft in terms of Windows cloud Computing. It is very difficult to manage conventional hosting where server may be leased from a data center. Developers will be able to migrate or write applications using popular .Net tools and Web standard interfaces such as REST, SOAP and Atom, and host them on Azure. Additionally, Azure provides faster, scalable and pay as you go type of service.

We make it really easy for you to transition back to on-premises without having to completely rewrite your app. You control your own destiny, Steve Martin, senior director for developer platform product management at Microsoft said. By contrast, if Im a startup, its gotta be in the back of my mind when I look at Amazon.coms 10-K, that Gosh, they may want to go back to just selling books.

As per Martin, lot of companies like Epicor Software Corp., is writing the next version of its ERP software so it can be hosted on Azure. Also, many web hosting companies may buy the service in order to make their infrastructure more efficient.

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