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Jives New Social Networking Tool will Help Corporate Collaboration

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Jive is going to release new social networking tool next week that will help Business collaboration and brainstorming session. Jive Social Business Software (SBS) 3.0 will mainly focus upon employee engagement, marketing and sales, customer support, and innovation. Jive features collaboration, community and social network on enterprise platform. The price of SBS 3.0 is $59 per user per year for four centers.

JivesJive is now offering a foundation customized for certain tasks and it is also flexible to add other capabilities and build custom applications. The centers are a set of modules that sit on top of core collaboration platforms like discussion, polls, blogs, wiki, documents and workflow. Specific centers also includes unique tools. For example, the innovation center includes a plug-in for voting. Although, the idea of adding templates, customization and adding vertical capability are not new in software arena, but it is new to social networking platform.

The tool also provides analytical concept to the users like what is happening in their social networking communities and what changes are occurring. In addition, they can now plug that information into business intelligence systems. Jive also has added social bookmarking and video capabilities to SBS 3.0.

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