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Forrester Research Predicts the Future of Software as a Service Technology

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SoftwareSoftware as a service (Saas) gained significant momentum in recent years due to lower cost, smaller storage requirement and the need for fewer personnel. The threshold of Saas lies Human Capital management and Customer Relationship Management applications. Gradually, it has spread in the areas like Web conferencing, collaboration, and IT service management. Forrester Research Inc, a Market Research Firm, made a study upon top 14 SaaS application technologies based on growth and future potential for success. They found that the following SaaS technologies are going to be hot in the coming days.

1.CRM: Early adoption of SaaS started with this technology which is almost saturated now. But, some companies whose on premise CRM deployment is very slow may adopt SaaS application architecture down the road.

2.HCM: HR solution is becoming popular in terms of SaaS deployment. Consolidation in this space has started to offer broader suite deployment.

3.On Line Back up: This technology is a big eye catcher for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), PCs, and remote location. Although, the question remains where the recovery of large amount of data is required in small time.

4.Web Conferencing: This technology is based on SaaS to a great extent. Many companies are very much comfortable with this technology.

5.Collaboration: Forrester Research found out from the data that the Collaboration technology has a significant potential in the future market.
Forrester also predicts that Business Intelligence, Integration are the areas where minimal growth of SaaS is going to be observed.

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