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Cittio Released Open Source Monitoring Tool Zeppelin for Cloud Computing

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Zeppelin is a Cittio project that enhances cloud Computing capabilities. The software provides detailed asset, performance, auditing, benchmarking and usage metering information for cloud infrastructure. It will provide the reporting, analysis and operations support for both internal and remote cloud infrastructures.

CittioThere are quite a few obstacles in the area of cloud computing. Firstly, the old method of instrumentation, managing and metering at the cloud operator and application user no longer exists. Most of the System management solutions rely on proprietary agent or SNMP for perfomance metrics that lacks the security of data transfer.

CITTIO provides monitoring of all components, from physical to virtual, local and remote, application to infrastructure in a single pane in a data center. It can be deployed remotely and reportedly can also secure data accessed through the Internet based on standard WBEM/CIM-XML and WS-Management interfaces.

Additionally, Zepplin offers instrumentation for wide range of open source software like Linux, Citrix XenServer and VMware. Cittio also plays an important role to bring Open Source Community together in creating deep instrumentation for cloud computing.

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