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Review of Doox CMS, an Open Source Content Management System

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DooxCMS 3.0 is a flexible Web 2.0 Content Management System which was built with PHP Script and Ajax framework. It is used to create from simple website to corporate website. The installation process is easy and it is easy to manage. The software has an unique SEO optimization capability that improves your web site ranking.

XMLThe beauty of Doox CMS lies with the module called DMC (Doox module constructor) that helps create easy extensions and powerful add-ons. The price of the software is $199 with 6 month free email and update support. Limited time offer till the end of May is $46.55. You can download 15 days free trial from here.


1.File Manager and WYSIWIG Editor: The File manager comes with WYSIWIG editor. So it requires minimum user skill to manage the website. You can run the editor by knowing only MS Word.

2.DMC : You can create Product Catalog, image gallery, guestbook or simple web form with the help of this module.

3.SEO Optimization: The URL, produced by the software is search engine friendly.
RSS Feed: Contents are automatically converted to RSS feed.

4.Search: Content is indexed automatically.

5.Local Language Support: The software supports different local languages for content development.

6.Image: It can upload images and create image gallaries.

7.News: It can send newsletter.


2.Since, Doox cms depends on number of templates, the software has limitation of design like most of the other cms system.

2.Also, CMS sites are database driven. So it is slow in loading.

Doox CMS not only helps create or manage your content, it also establishes communication with existing and new cutomers by improving your page position and page rank.

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