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The key to become popular on your whatsApp circle: Status update

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Funny, sarcastic and witty quotes are found as WhatsApp status today and in fact a person’s popularity is gauged by the person’s status update. Not everyone is creative but the need to stand out by posting a funny and clever status on your WhatsApp account is what everyone wants. Updating your status everyday and by using unique lines as status gives you the air of popularity where you feel admired. For some updating and changing their status everyday is a great way of gaining popularity in their WhatsApp circle.

circleThe best thing about the status is that it helps the users give a message out and loud. So, if you are angry with a friend, just put a quote that implies friends can’ be trusted. There was one user who was so hurt and angry by his friend’s action, that his status read, ‘You, too, Brutus!’ The friend definitely must have got the message loud and clear.

Your uniqueness is reflected in your status when you choose a witty one

WhatsApp gained popularity like wild fire and almost everyone has a WhatsApp account which can now also be accessed from computers. With WhatsApp came the many groups of which you are the member of and your status and DP or daily profile is one way of standing out from the crowd of numbers on WhatsApp.

By how do you go about coming up with innovative and creative quotes that will make your status unique every day? Not everyone has a creative streak, but the popularity of WhatsApp has brought about many websites that provide unique, witty and funny quotes that can be used as status update.

Once you get your mobile number registered on WhatsApp you can always choose the default quotes that can be used as your status like ‘Hey! I am using whatsApp’, but this Status only gives out the fact that you are new to WhatsApp or that you are not a friendly person. Thus your Status on WhatsApp is what you are judged upon by.

A new day, a new status

The actual purpose of status in Whatsapp was to indicate the real time indication of what a person was doing. But today, it has acquired a whole meaning together. It has become a place to exhibit user’s status of mind. Thus, there is an updated status at all stages of life, be it love, breakup, hurt, achievement, failure, hope, despair, excitement, declaration, and more. In fact, one can even find movie reviews as status. A person watches a new movie and the very same day, his DP is a picture of the poster of the film and the status will show if he loved or hated the film. People are no longer hesitant to put out details of their life out for the world to see.

The craze of Whatsapp has reached a crescendo today. There is a considerable population out there who finds it his or her ultimate duty to change status on Whatsapp daily, if not the DP. Well, some enthusiastic Whatsapp-ers resort to that also. A new day calls for a new status. That explains why when you type ‘Whatsapp status’ on Google, pages open with ‘365 Whatsapp status’ or ‘the best Whatsapp status that you can use’ or ‘Funniest Whatsapp status’ and so on.

If one thought nobody needed 365 Whatsapp status Quotes, then you have not met the enthusiasts’ club of Whatsapp users who thinks it below their status to keep the same sentence or line the next day too. These are not just socially active users but they can be referred to as socially hyper active users.circle2

The craze for changing Whatsapp status daily can be attributed to the fact that it gives users a chance to display their emotions, say a message loud and clear without being too obvious, and to create an identity of their own in the virtual world.

May be, it gives them a new image and make them appear as something they always wanted to be but could never be in real life. The online world makes stars out of commoners and the Whatsapp status option is also contributing in its own way. So, have you changed your Whatsapp status today?

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