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What Material Made of Swiss Replica Watches?

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Tantalum is a kind of metal that is more rarely-seen that the gold in the nature, which is widely applied to the production of a variety of containers because it is featuring thermal stability and low sensitivity. It is very hard, and the melting point is of 3017 ℃, thus became one of the preferences material of the Hublot brand. Hublot applies tantalum in the manufacturing process of the middle part of some high-tech watch cases without hesitation.

SwissThis kind of material belongs to the sixth grade of relatively rare-seen in the watchmaking industry, which is characterized by light quality, without being limited by the temperature, and difficult to corrode, etc. It also has a biological compatibility in the system, which is a decisive factor for whose watches need to wear closely all day.

During the ongoing research work of the Hublot watches, zirconium metal has became the latest material that has attracted Hublot: this kind of highly stable metal in watchmaking application range is very limited, which has became an extra advantage and is particularly attractive to those people who hope that will cause a sensation effect.

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Tudor has also launched a sports watches with unibody watchcase. The Diamaster series RHW1 limited edition watch of the Rado brand uses titanium nitride and silicon nitride materials, plus the super light movement specially made by the Professional manufacturer ETA of the Swviach Group, with each big plate materials made by using lightweight aluminum alloy, to make the whole watch weight of only 68 grams! Moreover, this new type of ceramic presents an irregular texture of bronze oxidation.

Swiss2Rado brand is the first brand in the world using the ceramic to produce watch. Although they are all called ceramics, ceramics also are divided into high-end and low-end. the global President Matthias Breschan said.

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