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XNSPY, The Mobile Spying App on its Way to Market Leadership

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If you’re someone that is known to use a mobile spying appfor your children or employees, chances are you’ve heard of XNSPY by this time. It is the application that has been making headline lately, primarily because of two reasons: it is easy to use, and they offer frequent innovations. We thought we’d get the famed app and give it a go ourselves; just to see if it lives up to the fuss. Consider this our review of XNSPY, the software that is slowly but surely gaining market leadership in the mobile monitoring business.

First Impressions—the Purchase Experience

SoftwareThe deal with XNSPY is that although you can download the controlling engine (more on that ahead) off the app store, you have to buy the actual app from their website. This could be a little inconvenient. It would have been a lot easier if you could just download the app directly onto the target device. However, onto the website we went. Right off the gate, I got lost on what package to buy.

They have monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions… since I was only going to use the app for the purpose of this review, I got the monthly one. Then they’ve got a Basic Edition and a Premium Edition. I decided on the Premium one since it has way more features and I needed my review to be complete. So I checked out with my mobile spy app, made the payment and within seconds received my welcome email along with the installation instructions and login details.

This is where things started to look ahead for me. I started to understand that because XNSPY is a little more complex than most apps, there is a very specific process to install it. The question is, was it going to be worth the extra effort?

The Installation Process

There are A LOT of steps in the installation process. You use a specific download URL on the target phone to start the download, and then check a lot of System Task permissions to move ahead. When the installation is done, you log in your account, and then make sure the app icon is hidden. Then finally, you can get on to actually using the app.

Okay, so maybe we’re being a little melodramatic here. The entire process took all of 5 minutes. However, since we’re not used to manually installing stuff anymore, it seemed a bit of a task. Nevertheless, we finally got around to using it. Here’s what we found.

The Features and Control Panel

Onto the actual workings of the mobile spying app. XNSPY has got a ton of features, and we’re not going to lie… they are all pretty spot on. They’ve got:

GPS tracking which includes geo-fencing and getting alerts on those fences
IM monitoring which includes WhatsApp, Kik, Skype and Viber
Photo and video monitoring
Web history monitoring
Call log monitoring
Alerts on marked activity
There are plenty more features as well but here’s the best part—the data from all these activities is uploaded onto a live control panel which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.Software2

And this part if what got me sold. There are lots of features and after the initial 5 minute installation, it is very convenient to use. I can see working parents, fleet managers, and overseasparents making great use of it. So, yes, it is well worth the initial effort because you reap 10 times the benefit.

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