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Rahul Gandhi on 3 years of Narendra Modi government: Broken promises, betrayal of mandate

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As the PM Narendra Modi-led government will complete three years in power on May 26, Congree vice president Rahul Gandhi has hit at the NDA government by asking “what exactly is the government celebrating”.

In a series of tweets, Congress scion said, “Youth are struggling to find jobs, farmers are committing suicide and soldiers are dying at the border. What exactly is the government celebrating? Three years of broken promises, non performance and betrayal of a mandate.”

The Congress will launch their campaign to counter Modi government’s three years of celebrations in Delhi today.
A special press conference of the Congress was held which was addressed by a battery of leaders including MPs like Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sushmita Dev.

Prior to that, through tweets, Congress VP launched the attack on Modi government on the issue of unemployment, farmer suicide and escalation of tension between India and Pakistan.

The other issues that Congress plans to raise include: dipping manufacturing rate, women safety, Dalit rights, economy and ease of doing business.

The party plans to hold special press conferences across the country and a social media campaign on the same.

Source: indiatoday

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